Julian Stauffer


Chief Operating Officer



Presentation description:

Technologies for overcoming unique challenges with new pet food retort packaging — Stauffer presents technologies for overcoming unique challenges with new pet food retort packaging. These critical aspects of manufacturing pet food in retort cups and pouches include premade vs. form fill and seal packaging machines; sealing systems for retort cup and pouch applications; quality control methods for assurance of package integrity. Participants will be able to fully understand the technology advances available that allow more efficient packaging of pet food, how to eliminate waste reduction, how cost savings can be achieved, packaging quality issues that are facing the industry and how to choose the right inspection method for quality/process control.


Stauffer received his bachelor’s degree in engineering from the University of Michigan and his master’s in business administration from SDA Bocconi in Milan, Italy. He joined PTI in 2010 as an applications engineer in PTI’s packaging division, focusing on flexible packaging solutions for the food industry, bringing new technological solutions and packaging applications to the market. Within a few years, he became manager of PTI’s packaging division, delivering large scale food packaging systems into North America. In 2018, Stauffer was appointed Chief Operating Officer at PTI.