Jenny Rodgers

Jenny Rodgers


Quality manager


Trilogy Analytical Laboratory

Presentation Description:

Mycotoxin risk mitigation planning: Applying practical knowledge, techniques to new, emerging protein sources — Jenny Rodgers, quality manager, Trilogy Analytical Laboratory, focuses on using historical mycotoxin knowledge to talk about how to apply these insights to alternate protein sources in the pet food industry. When developing a mycotoxin risk management plan or setting up a strategic testing plan, choosing which mycotoxins and how often to test can feel overwhelming, but looking at the key predictors can help take some of the guesswork out and mitigate your mycotoxin risks.


Rodgers has been a part of the Trilogy Organization since graduating from the University of Missouri, Columbia, with a bachelor’s degree in chemistry. She has taken on many roles within the Trilogy group from analytical laboratory work to now focusing on technical content creation within the marketing department. In addition to contributing to scientific subject matter, she is also the quality manager at Trilogy United States and has a dedication to bringing laboratory quality principals to an understandable level for everyone to individually realize and confidentially use on a daily basis.