Jennifer MacLean

Jennifer MacLean, Ph.D.


Vice president, research and innovation


Aspire Food Group

Presentation Description:

Cricket protein: Novel results from canine and feline maintenance trials – Jennifer MacLean, Ph.D., vice president, research and innovation, Aspire Food Group, provides an overview of cricket protein as a high-quality, complete, sustainable alternative protein source for pets. This session highlights rearing technologies that allow crickets to be produced at scale and presenting data from canine and feline feeding trials.


MacLean is vice president of research and innovation at Aspire Food Group. In this role , she drives Aspire’s research and innovation strategies, and builds and supports strategic partnerships that bolster Aspire’s position as a world leader in the edible insect movement. Prior to joining Aspire, Maclean served as the director of collaboration at NGen, the Next Generation Manufacturing Supercluster. In that role, she fostered partnerships to drive industry investment in advanced manufacturing in Canada, and to accelerate the development and adoption of transformative technologies. MacLean has a bachelor’s degree in biology and a Ph.D. in medical biophysics, both from Western University.