Jeff Lucas


Senior Director of Expert Services, Training & Consultancy


Merieux NutriSciences

Presentation description:

Essentials of hazard analysis and assigning risk for new, novel ingredients — Jeff Lucas, senior director, expert services, training and consultancy, Merieux NutriSciences, discusses the need for an application of a rigorous hazard analysis and risk categorization of hazards in non-traditional or novel raw materials and ingredients in pet food.


Lucas has over 35 years of food industry experience with 20 years in managing food safety and quality for companies such as IBP, Sara Lee Corp Meat Group and Land O’ Frost. He has 16 years of allied industry experience in lab management, business development, consulting and education. His current focus is on assisting the produce industry in reducing product contamination focusing on packing shed operations and training. Lucas has consulted in all food industry segments specializing in food safety management and plans, microbiological issues with foodborne pathogens, food spoilage, sanitation, preventive controls, HACCP, regulatory concerns, sanitation issues, facility environmental concerns and recall mitigation. Lucas has been with MXNS-Silliker for 16 years. He holds a master’s degree in agriculture from Texas A&M University.