Jeff Lucas


Senior Director of Technical Services


Silliker-Merieux NutriSciences

Presentation description:

Rigorous new supply-chain-applied controls for innovative raw pet food materials — Lucas discusses the rigor needed in supply-chain controls with non-traditional, innovative raw materials. Pet food manufacturers are utilizing non-traditional, innovative raw materials in an effort to meet the growing demand of minimally-processed, alternative pet foods. These novel raw materials require pet food manufacturers to apply supply-chain preventive controls to ensure supplier-applied preventive controls are effective in controlling hazards in these novel raw materials. Supply-chain verification activities will be discussed to assess supplier-applied preventive controls.


Lucas has degrees from Auburn University (Animal & Dairy Sciences), Texas A&M University (Agricultural Development) and completed graduate courses in food microbiology at Iowa State University. He has over 35 years of food industry experience including hazard analysis, preventive controls rule pre-assessments and GAP analysis, HACCP, allergen management, sanitation and environmental monitoring. His current focus is on assisting the produce industry in reducing product contamination, human food and animal food FSMA compliance, supply-chain applied preventive controls and reduction in Listeria monocytogenes. Lucas has consulted in all food industry segments specializing in food safety management, microbiological issues with foodborne pathogens, food spoilage, sanitation, preventive controls and HACCP.