Jeff Alix

Jeff Alix


Global Head of Business Development, Companion Animals


Veramaris VOF

Roundtable discussion:

Sustainable pet food and its many facets

Presentation description:

New method to assess marine biodiversity impact in relation to more commonly studied environmental impacts — Jeff Alix, global head of business development, companion animals, Veramaris VOF, and Henk Bosch, owner, Bosch Sustainability Consultant, present methods to assess fishery impact in sustainable pet food and weigh it against the impacts of producing land-based protein. Learn more about the assessment methods of producing pet food and study the impact of substitution of wild catch fish with algal oil.


Alix is the global head of business development, companion animals, for Veramaris. His career in the pet food industry spans 38 years. After receiving his bachelor’s degree in chemistry from California State University, Northridge, he has gained experience across a wide array of functional disciplines including ingredient and food science, flavor chemistry, animal nutrition, sales and marketing. He was a research scientist at Nestlé Petcare for 10 years, technical support and product development manager at Bioproducts (now AFB International) for 8 years, and has more than 20 years as sales, business development and marketing for DSM Nutritional Products.