James Peterson, Ph.D. 


Technical Consultant


Pet Food Solutions

Presentation description:

New refined chicken fat for reducing risk of Salmonella in pet food — Peterson presents information on new refined chicken fat for reducing risk of Salmonella in pet food. Highly purified chicken fat significantly reduces the risk of Salmonella contamination of pet food by removing impurities from standard rendered chicken fat that can enable Salmonella growth. Data showing that refined chicken fat also has advantages for plant operations and for dog food palatability will also be presented.


Peterson is the technical consultant at Pet Food Solutions. He joined the PFS team in 2018 and has led the efforts to define and characterize PFS products by designing and implementing scientific studies in collaboration with outside research institutions. Prior to coming to PFS, he held multiple leadership positions in research and development at Novus International, Pfizer, Pharmacia and Monsanto. Peterson earned a bachelor’s degree in chemistry from Lawrence University in Appleton, Wisconsin. He then earned his Ph.D. in synthetic organic chemistry from Northwestern University. Over the course of 35 years in research and development, he has nineteen patents and publications.