George Collings, Ph.D.


President and General Manager


Collings Nutrition Solutions

General session/panel:

Beyond DCM: New models to close pet food’s nutrition research gaps — The ongoing situation with canine dilated cardiomyopathy (DCM) and grain-free pet food is just one recent example of how the lack of pet nutrition research has not served the industry, consumers, retailers, veterinarians or regulators well. Other cases and questions, such as vitamin D levels and the Fanconi syndrome with chicken jerky treats from China, have also contributed to confusion, anxiety, lost confidence and sales. Could these types of situations be avoided or at least mitigated with better models for pet nutrition research — and what changes and improvements would help? Do we need new funding sources, including financial participation from consumers? Moderated by Greg Aldrich, Ph.D., research associate professor at Kansas State University and president of Pet Food Ingredients & Technologies, this lively roundtable discussion will feature industry experts addressing these questions and proposing next steps.


Collings is president and general manager of Nutrition Solutions, a consultancy for all phases of new and existing nutrition businesses (pet, animal, human). As a Ph.D. nutritionist, Collings is uniquely board certified on both the animal and human sides of nutrition.