Emma Bermingham, Ph.D.


Principal scientist


We are ilume

Presentation Description:

Inflammaging in the domestic cat: A longitudinal study —  Bermingham explains a study investigating the effects of aging on inflammatory markers, the fecal micrbiome and plasma metabolome in the domestic cat. The research aims to understand inflammaging in cats.


Bermingham has more than 15 years’ experience in the pet food industry. After a post-doctoral position at Waltham Centre of Pet Nutrition in the U.K., she established a research platform at AgResearch Ltd. that focused on the impacts of high-protein diets on gut health in the cat and dog. During this time, as well as conducting fundamental research, Bermingham consulted for pet food companies in New Zealand, Australia, Canada and U.K. Additional resarch focus area at AgResearch included energy requirements of pets, the role of the microbiome in pet health, impacts of age and diet on cat nutrition and how animal-derived ingredients could provide nutritional functionality in cats and dogs. In 2022, Bermingham left AgResearch to serve as principal scientist for We are ilume, an Australian startup pet food and pet tech company.