Doug Barton

Doug Barton




Trone, a U.S.-based pet marketing agency

Presentation Description:

Exploring nutrition among pet food shopper segments in the post-pandemic marketplace — Barton provides results of a national study of pet owners fielded during the global pandemic that explored current and future pet owner behaviors and beliefs about pet nutrition. Three distinct pet owner nutrition segments emerged, each with its own strategic marketing viability; the presentation defines key points of differentiation among the three segments and actionable marketing recommendations for pet food manufacturers.


Barton is a research, analytics and brand marketing executive with more than 40 years of experience working with Fortune 500 companies to solve marketing and business challenges. His expertise spans multiple categories, with the last 20 years focusing on the animal health and pet industries, working with brands like Mars, Zoetis, Greenies and Petco. With a background in brand management, advertising and market research, Barton has been speaking regionally and globally for the Advertising Marketing Independent Network for the last eight years. Other previous speaking and publishing experience includes the Center for Business Intelligence, North American Veterinary Conference and DVM360.