Dave McLain


Sustainability Director



Roundtable discussion:

Sustainability’s key role in all areas of pet food

Presentation description:

Debunking common pitfalls on the path to pet food packaging sustainability — McLain gives insights into the influences affecting sustainable packaging development, what those sustainable packaging claims really mean, and which claims are suited for your product and your brand. Will your sustainable packaging claims resonate with your consumer and lead to continued sales? Learn how to position yourself as a conversation leader within your organization and industry.


After graduating in 2000 from Virginia Tech with a bachelor’s degree in mechanical engineering and an initial five years in the automotive industry, McLain began his career in packaging with Printpack’s Rigid Division in late 2004 as maintenance manager. Since then, he’s held various operations roles of increasing responsibility, serving as plant manager for two rigid facilities and as the site representative for Printpack’s reinvestment in bread bag converting. McLain and his family then relocated to China, where he lived and worked for five years as the general manager of Printpack Suzhou and director of Printpack Thailand. As of January 2016, McLain is now based in Atlanta at Printpack’s global headquarters. He spent several years in marketing and sales focused on Printpack’s PE business and sustainability. McLain has also served as a member of the Sustainable Packaging Coalition’s Executive Committee and the Plastics Industry Association’s Sustainability Advisory Board. He now leads Printpack’s efforts to help customers realize a more sustainable future.