Dan Morash

Dan Morash


Founder and CEO


California Safe Soil

Roundtable discussion:

Sustainable pet food and its many facets

Presentation description:

Recovering human-grade food to produce pet food ingredients — Dan Morash, founder and CEO, California Safe Soil; and Jean Francois Herve, owner, Birdstone Consulting, explain the process of recovering human-grade food to produce pet food ingredients. Food waste is a big environmental problem, and an opportunity to source 3 million tons per year of human grade fruits, vegetables and meats that can be recovered while still fresh to make nutritious, palatable, consistently high-quality pet food ingredients at competitive prices — a sustainable “upcycling” solution that makes economic and environmental good sense.


Morash is the founder and CEO of CSS. For the past nine years, he has led the development of CSS’s breakthrough new technology to recycle food into fertilizer and pet and animal feed, called Harvest to Harvest (H2H). H2H is the best “new life for food” technology, providing a healthy, highly palatable pet feed product. Morash is an investment banker, previously global head of energy and infrastructure for CIT, a team of 40 professionals in New York, Toronto and London. He has expertise in the financial and risk characteristics of many sustainable resource recovery technologies, including waste-to-energy, hydropower, wind, solar, biomass and the adaptive reuse of waste. Morash received his MBA in finance from the Tuck School at Dartmouth College, and his bachelor’s degree from Yale University, where he studied organic chemistry and history.