Craig Coon, Ph.D.




Four Rivers Kennel

Presentation description:

Nutrition for the Labrador Retriever: amino acid and energy requirements — Coon presents amino acid and energy requirements for the Labrador Retriever. As the pet industry develops products aimed to supply the nutrients necessary for the wellness of canines, it is important to understand the amino acid and energy requirements needed for health and growth. Over time, the need to update amino acid and energy requirements for canines is increasingly important due to changing population demographics, genetic selection, and the demand for advanced diets.


Coon established Four Rivers Kennel in 2011 for the purpose of performing canine nutrition and performance studies. He received his bachelor’s degree in animal science, master’s degree in plant physiology and biochemistry, and Ph.D. in biochemistry and biophysics from Texas A&M University. Coon has been a faculty member involved in research, teaching and extension at the University of Maryland, Washington State University, University of Minnesota and University of Arkansas.