Bruce Jowett


Director of Marketing



Presentation Description:

North American consumer acceptance of insect proteins in pet food — Bruce Jowett, director of marketing, Enterra, shares the results of a recent pet food consumer tracking study on insect ingredients. Insects for the use in feed and food are becoming a widely talked about solution to help feed an ever-increasing protein-hungry world. What are the key opportunities and hurdles for our industry to address so that we can take the next step to having insect ingredients provide new and novel solutions? This session provides insights to understand the customer and determine the opportunities, challenges a collective path forward.


Jowett has been making an impact by differentiating products, people and brands in the agricultural industry for over 30 years. Jowett developed his experience at the Canola Council of Canada, Cargill, the United Grain Growers and Cynamid. At Enterra, he manages brand development and marketing strategy with a customer-centric focus. Jowett obtained a bachelor’s degree in agriculture from the University of Manitoba and completed the marketing Leadership Executive Development Residency Program at the Ivey Business School.