Brian Streit


Director of Pet Food & Aquatic Technology


Wenger Manufacturing, Inc.

Presentation Description:

Innovative and sustainable pet food processing solutions — Brian Streit, director, pet food and aquatic technology, Wenger Manufacturing, evaluates topics of sustainability and efficiencies in new technology, processes and automation in pet food production. Diverse and flexible kitchens require processes that add value to recipes, enhance pet nutrition and expand diversification of pet food products. This session examines the latest industry innovations that improve operational efficiencies, expand product development possibilities and maintain an ecological balance in extrusion cooking, forming and drying processes.


Streit holds a bachelor’s degree in milling science and management from Kansas State University and has spent 18 years in plant manufacturing operations, engineering, quality control, R&D and management in the pet food and flour milling industries. Joining Wenger in 2012, Streit’s focus in on process and technology development in the pet food and aquatic industries as well as process auditing and client technical support.