Ashley Wagner, Ph.D.


Technical Sales Manager


Probiotech International inc.

Presentation Description:

Managing low-grade chronic inflammation through pet food diets — Wagner reviews the research on butyric acid derivatives and blends as immunomodulators and demonstrates uses in the diets of companion animal populations (obese and aging) with low-grade chronic inflammation.


Ashley Wagner, Ph.D., received her doctorate from the University of Kentucky in animal and food sciences. Her post-doctoral training in physiology examined the interaction of metabolism and skeletal muscle chronobiology. Wagner served as the research manager for Cooperative Research Farms for three years, managing research trials in swine, poultry, and equine. In 2015, she joined Probiotech International as the technical sales manager, where she leads the equine and pet food R&D team examining novel additives. Wagner’s publication history consists of over 55 co-authored abstracts, presented at regional and national conferences, and 14 peer-reviewed co-authored publications. She is a co-author of three of the citations in the submitted abstract.