Alexandre Riethmuller


Process engineer and food safety coordinator



Presentation Description:

New developments in processing meat-analog pet foods — Riethmuller speaks about the new developments in processing meat-analog pet foods. Plant-based meat analog development has accelerated in recent years, driven by consumer expectations and awareness of the environmental impacts of animal production. As the demand for humanized pet foods has grown, Riethmuller’s research has focused on processing plant proteins into high-moisture foods with the nutrition and physical characteristics of animal meat.


Alexandre Riethmuller is process engineer and food safety coordinator at CLEXTRAL Inc. He has a master’s degree in material chemistry with over seven years of experience in twin-screw extrusion for various applications from plastic to human and animal food. The last five years, he has developed expertise in food and feed extrusion by performing R&D testing for customers on pilot-scale extruders; by conducting technical training; or managing production lines all around the world. Recently, Riethmuller takes care of the food safety management of the U.S. pilot plant.