Alexandra Rankovic


Ph.D. Candidate, at Ontario Veterinary College, University of Guelph

Panel discussion:

Cats are unique creatures: New nutrition research — Though a smaller part of the overall pet food market, cat food represents a growth segment globally, as more pet-loving consumers turn to cats as companions. Product development is starting to catch up, emphasizing that cats are not small dogs; they have their own unique nutritional and health needs. What does the latest research show? Topics and experts include:

  • Long-term effects of diet format on body weight, body composition and insulin sensitivity in the cat — Emma Bermingham, Ph.D., AgResearch
  • Holistic approach to measuring palatability in wet cat diets — Susan Jojola, Ph.D., and Punyatoya Mohapatra, Ph.D., AFB International
  • Potential benefits of supplementing dietary choline to cats — Alexandra Rankovic, University of Guelph


Alexandra Rankovic is a doctoral candidate from the Ontario Veterinary College at the University of Guelph. Her doctoral research focuses on the lipotropic effects of dietary choline supplementation in overweight and obese cats. She previously obtained her master’s degree in companion animal nutrition, where her research focused on the glycemic index and the effects of carbohydrates on health in dogs. Rankovic has presented her research at a large number of international conferences and has contributed to numerous peer-reviewed publications. She has experience working with several pet food companies, including Royal Canin Canada and Petcurean Pet Nutrition.