Aji Adhithi


CEO & Founder



Panel discussion:

Optimizing the e-commerce boom for your pet food business — Already in growth mode before 2020, the COVID-19 pandemic sent pet food e-commerce into overdrive, also fueling brands with direct-to-consumer distribution models. Selling your pet food online is now a given, new technologies, insights and data are continually emerging that can help you find the best opportunities for your brand and maximize success. Topics and experts include:

  • Don’t bury the bone: Ways to influence product content performance on major online pet food retailers — Megan Lippert, OneSpace
  • Future of personalization in the direct-to-consumer pet food market — Renee Streeter, DVM, BSM Partners
  • What’s next in pet food e-commerce: Using IoT to get consumer insights, auto replenishment — Adhithi Aji, Adrich


Adhithi Aji has a background in product management and has been part of R&D teams in automotive and telecom industries where she was instrumental in commercializing cutting-edge research technologies. She took her passion for technology and most recently founded Adrich, an IOT consumer insights company that helps brands and retailers better understand consumer needs with product usage data. She holds a master’s degree in innovation management from Carnegie Mellon and an MBA specializing in supply chain management.