Aimee Rudolph


Vice President of Business Development


Beta Hatch

Presentation Description:

Mealworms as a sustainable ingredient for pet food and treats—Aimee Rudolph explains how interest in insects as a sustainable alternative protein ingredient in pet food has attracted significant public, investor and research attention in recent years. Insects offer significant environmental and social improvements over traditional animal proteins, and a growing body of work shows health benefits as well. Now, DARPA-funded research shows the extent of the capability of mealworms to bioremediate mycotoxin-contaminated grain, opening even wider doors to the sustainability story of insects as animal feed. This session will focus on the results of that research and the opportunities it presents for pet food sustainability.


Aimee Rudolph joined Beta Hatch in February 2020 as vice president of business development, developing markets for insects as a sustainable, alternative ingredient for animal feed. She has over 18 years of experience in business development, sales and quality assurance with companies ranging from startups to Fortune 100 corporations, including 3M, where she managed business in industries including biotechnology and pharmaceutical manufacturing, and food and ingredient production. Rudolph is certified in Lean and Six Sigma and has coached C-level executives in communication and leadership development. She has a bachelor of science in animal science and an MBA, both from Colorado State University.