Pet Solutions Group CEO offers insight, advice about Petfood Forum

Petfood Forum recently sat down with Dr. George Collings, CEO and president of Pet Solutions Group, to learn about his experiences connecting with the industry and learning about the latest industry trends and research during the annual event.

Petfood Forum: What is your earliest memory of Petfood Forum, and what role did you have in the industry at that point?

Dr. Collings: I remember there were not many ways to connect in the pet food industry, and then information on this new meeting showed up in my mail. Goodness, I’m not even sure we had email. I went to the meeting, and have gone ever since, and watched it grow to a vital and very necessary meeting in my calendar. At the time, I was nutrition director with a major company focusing on product and business development.

Petfood Forum: What do you consider the biggest challenge or opportunity ahead for the pet food industry?

Dr. Collings: I actually think there are several, but I believe as an industry we must keep in more contact with the consumer than we have. Consumers are quick to run to Dr. Google and get much misinformation while we talk about ingredients. A close second and third are developing innovation pipelines and the regulatory constraints to future innovation compared to the human food market.

Petfood Forum: Why do you continue to attend Petfood Forum, and why should pet food industry professionals join us?

Dr. Collings: Petfood Forum has always been a place to build communication, maintain friendships and build business opportunities. For me, the hundreds of contacts afforded me at Petfood Forum has been a blessing. There are always good presentations and many surprises, so the meeting is a must for any pet food professional.

Petfood Forum: What’s your recommendation for Kansas City fun during Petfood Forum in May?

Dr. Collings: Pick one of three or four barbecue places and top it off with Andy’s Frozen Custard, and all is good. Go to Royal Stadium if you can.

About Petfood Forum

The 2022 edition of Petfood Forum is scheduled for May 2-4 at the Kansas City Convention Center in Kansas City, Missouri, USA. Petfood Forum includes an agenda packed with opportunities to network and collaborate with industry professionals, learn the latest in pet food innovation and discover new tools for business success.

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