Kansas State University professor offers insight about Petfood Forum

Petfood Forum recently sat down with longtime event supporter Dr. Greg Aldrich, research professor and pet food program coordinator of Grain Science & Industry at the Kansas State University. Dr. Aldrich shared the many reasons he continues to attend the conference and exhibition each year.

Petfood Forum: What is your earliest memory of Petfood Forum, and what role did you have in the industry at that point?

Aldrich: Not sure of the exact year – 1995 or 1996. I was a nutritionist at the Iams Company. I was new to the pet food industry and straight out of my Ph.D. from Illinois. I was really new to this industry and the forum was THE place to go and learn.

Petfood Forum: What do you consider the biggest challenge or opportunity ahead for the pet food industry?

Aldrich: The biggest challenge will be supply chain and matching proteins with consumer demands. The biggest opportunity will be in continued development of near-human type food formats for dogs and cats.

Petfood Forum: Why do you continue to attend Petfood Forum, and why should pet food industry professionals join us?

Aldrich: Petfood Forum continues to be THE place to network with industry colleagues, to learn what is happening, and where to get needed equipment, ingredients and information. Industry professionals will benefit for the same reasons AND to connect with the hundreds of new folks entering the industry with Petfood Forum as their first entry point.

Petfood Forum: What’s your recommendation for Kansas City fun during Petfood Forum in May?

Aldrich: In the past it was an evening of food and beverages with students and alumni at the Flying Saucer. Unfortunately, the pandemic took that watering hole out of play. I suppose the next best thing is hanging out at the Marriott Hotel foyer/lounge and visiting with folks as they return from supper meetings each night of the Forum. It never fails to be entertaining.

About Petfood Forum

The 30th anniversary of Petfood Forum is scheduled for May 2-4 at the Kansas City Convention Center in Kansas City, Missouri, USA. Petfood Forum includes an agenda packed with opportunities to network and collaborate with industry professionals, learn the latest in pet food innovation and discover new tools for business success.

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