Audit processes in pet food: Regulatory, customer, sustainability, GFSI

Petfood Forum recently spoke with Billie Johnson, Ph.D., food safety and regulatory compliance manager, BHJ USA, to learn more about her 2023 Petfood Forum presentation. Johnson will describe differences and similarities in regulatory, customer, sustainability management information systems and the Global Food Safety Initiative audits during the “Pet food regulatory and safety innovations” concurrent session on Tuesday, May 2 at 1:30-2:00 pm. Register here to learn from Johnson and 20+ other industry experts.

During this session, Johnson discusses what is typically requested and how the pet food audit “bar” is being raised each time a new standard is published. Descriptions will be provided on how these audits are being used in both ingredient and pet food manufacturing environments.

Petfood Forum: What is the single, most important concept or piece of information you hope attendees will learn from your presentation?

Johnson: Numerous audits occur for pet food ingredients and manufacturers. The audit “bar” continues to raise, and many regulatory and third party or customer audits drive from the same overall requirements.

Petfood Forum: Please explain the significance of this concept or information to the pet food industry and your organization:

Johnson: Over the years, audits have continued to intensify, with significance being placed on quality, food safety, sustainability and the environment. This will continue as the global perspective grows for pet food integrity. For our organization, there is no difference. All components of the pet food industry rely on each other and ensuring customer satisfaction.

Petfood Forum: What are potential next developments or stages in this specific field? Where do you hope future development or research takes it, or how you plan to progress it? 

Johnson: Work has been ongoing to ensure “full compatibility” of the audit process, meaning a synchronized system for conducting audits, with updates made periodically, so that all companies (ingredient manufacturers and pet food alike) are being “tested” against the same standards. Great strides have been made to ensure what is a “necessary” component of food safety/quality/sustainability versus what is “nice to have.”

Petfood Forum: What pets rule your household?

Johnson: I have three boxers. Anyone that owns boxers knows they are very loving babies…hyperactive fools! Beauregard is the oldest while Smokey and Bandit are full blood brothers that I call the twins and they share my enthusiastic nature!

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