AAFCO Pet Food Labeling Workshop at Petfood Forum 2019

Pet food professionals attending Petfood Forum 2019 will have a valuable opportunity to become better educated on pet food labeling compliance during the AAFCO Pet Food Labeling Workshop. This day-long workshop will take place the day after Petfood Forum has ended on Thursday, May 2, at the Kansas City Marriott Downtown, the official Petfood Forum headquarters hotel. A separate registration is required to attend, sign up here.

Each participant will receive a 2-week subscription to the AAFCO Online Official Publication (OP) along with the Pet food Labeling Guide that will be used during the workshop.

Topics covered will include:
• Pet food product label construction
• What states look for when doing label review
• How to review labels in-house for compliance
• How to avoid common label problems
• How to make appropriate marketing claims

Participants in the workshop will benefit from:
• Increased productivity within the regulatory department
• Increased profits to their company through fewer regulatory issues
• Increased understanding of labeling law and how to interpret it accurately
• Actions to take before a new pet food product or ingredient is introduced into the marketplace – and where to find this information within AAFCO
• Increased coordination among internal departments – sales, marketing, product development, regulatory

A future AAFCO Pet Food Labeling Workshop in conjunction with an AAFCO meeting is not scheduled at the present time. Companies should use this opportunity to educate management, regulatory, sales and marketing, QA/QC, nutritionists, and product development staff on pet food labeling compliance.

To ensure the quality of the workshop, space is limited to 300 people. To register visit, www.aafco.org.

Want more information on AAFCO? Attend these two sessions during Petfood Forum 2019.
New pet food ingredient? What you need to do to use it legally in the U.S. – presented by Susan Hays, executive director of AAFCO and Linda Case, owner of AutumnGold Consulting & Dog Training Center
AAFCO pet food label modernization: what’s ahead? – presented by David Dzanis, CEO of Regulatory Discretion Inc.

AAFCO is an international non-profit association of state and federal regulatory agencies providing a forum for the development of model regulations and animal feed ingredient definitions. As a leader in the feed regulatory industry, AAFCO produces several meetings each year, has established multiple trainings on regulatory topics and continues to develop new content. The Pet Food Labeling Workshop at Petfood Forum is a customized, one-day meeting targeted to pet food industry professionals.