10 pet food trends discussed at Petfood Forum 2021

Petfood Forum 2021 featured 40 globally recognized speakers who shared insights on a variety of topics including pet food  trends, ingredients, nutrition, marketing, pet food safety and processing.

Learn from all of the experts who presented at Petfood Forum 2021, purchase the on-demand event access watch the session presentations at your convenience. On-demand session are available until December 31, 2021.

10 articles recapping Petfood Forum educational sessions:

  1. Dog food brand usage 2013-2021; Premium up, standard down – Over time, some dog food and treat brands have grown faster than others, while some have declined in usage rate among U.S. pet owners.
  2. Good consumer marketing is like dating – Good consumer marketing is a lot like dating, according to Michael Johnson, CEO of brand strategy firm Finn Cady, who spoke at Petfood Forum 2021.
  3. Experts share insights on safety, technology topics at Petfood Forum – Speakers touched on novel proteins, mycotoxins and the Internet of Things in a safety and technology roundup Thursday, September 23 at Petfood Forum in Kansas City.
  4. Tips for pet food e-commerce on Target, Amazon, Walmart – E-commerce retailing is just as complex as selling a product on conventional store shelves, while opening up the potential to reach a growing number of pet owners who shop online predominantly.
  5. 10 reasons to consider postbiotics in pet food – Pet food manufacturers should consider yeast-derived postbiotics for their pet food, treat and supplement products.
  6. Latest pet food trends have benefits, challenges – FONA International’s Melissa Hartley and Jennifer Howell discussed human grade, CBD/cannabis and plant-based pet food on Thursday, September 23 at Petfood Forum in Kansas City
  7. Human meat cat treats, aliens, vampire ads use humor – Pet food companies need to use levity appropriately in marketing. Making internal audiences laugh can help a pet food company too.
  8. Are pet food companies prepared for next pandemic? – The COVID-19 pandemic affected pet food plants to varying degrees. Some plants weren’t prepared for the effect of the pandemic on their workforces, ability to receive raw materials or ship out the finished product.
  9. Key aspects of FSMA for pet food facilities – The Food Safety Modernization Act (FSMA) established a lot of rules and regulations for pet food manufacturers, but some requirements remain vague.
  10. New pet food product briefs aid 5 differentiation tactics – Before beginning development of a pet food or treat, detailed planning may help a company streamline the process and increase the probability of a successful launch.

Save the dates for Petfood Forum 2022

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