10 articles from Petfood Forum 2018 educational sessions

Petfood Forum 2018 featured dozens of globally recognized speakers who shared insights on a variety of topics including pet food ingredients and nutrition, marketing, and pet food safety and processing.

10 articles recapping Petfood Forum educational sessions:

  1. Millennial pet food buyer’s story reflects wider market – The pet food industry changed as millennials came of age through the 1990s and 2000s
  2. Infographic: 4 rising, 3 declining novel pet food proteins – Discover why pet food industry analysts believe certain novel proteins grow in pet food popularity, while other decline
  3. ‘Connected consumers’ changing customer journey – More consumers are active online, which gives companies and brands an opportunity to engage with their audience
  4. How the pet food industry is leveraging new technologies – The power of technology is enabling the pet food industry to be more transparent and helpful to customers
  5. Using HPP to produce clean-label raw pet foods – High-pressure processing is an effective method for creating safe, healthy raw pet food and can help pet food companies avoid recalls to protect their reputations
  6. Convincing buyers of pet food nutrition may drive growth – Nutritional-value promotion may be key area where the pet food industry has room to improve and expand
  7. Studying alternative ingredients for pet food applications – During the nutrition educational track at Petfood Forum 2018, two presentations highlighted the need for alternative pet food ingredient research
  8. Transparency is opportunity for pet food companies to educate – Petfood Forum speaker says companies need to get their information out to consumers to gain trust
  9. 3 functional foods moving into pet food from human trends – During Petfood Forum 2018, attendees learned about three functional ingredients that are moving from human foods into pet foods and treats
  10. How to formulate, launch new pet food and treats – Developing new pet food and treats requires a large investment in both time and money, so a number of factors should be taken into account before launching a new product, Petfood Innovation Workshop attendees learned

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