Oddrun Gudbrandsen, Ph.D.


Leader of dietary protein research group


University of Bergen

Presentation description:

Fish proteins from blue whiting may promote health benefits in pets – Proteins from different fish species inhibit angiotensin-converting enzyme (ACE) activity in vitro, thus suggesting antihypertensive properties, but evidence concerning in vivo effects of fish proteins on blood pressure is still limited. Blue whiting is primarily used for fish meal production, and little is known about potential health effects that may expand the application of this fish species in products for human consumption. Gudbrandsen’s team investigated the effects of blue whiting proteins on blood pressure in animals (obese rats). After five weeks, the animals had a lower blood pressure compared to controls. Though the results do not support that this was mediated through ACE inhibition, they may be applied to developing health-promoting protein ingredients in pet food.


Gudbrandsen works as a researcher in the Department of Clinical Medicine at the University of Bergen, Norway, focusing on the effects of dietary proteins on glucose regulation, lipid metabolism, protein utilization and blood pressure in humans and relevant animal models. Recent findings show that various types of fish as well as proteins prepared by different methods have diverse effects on both humans and animals.