Jeff Alix


Global pet nutrition marketing manager


DSM Nutritional Products

Presentation description:

The impact of natural omega-3 DHA/EPA sources on pet food sustainability – With growth in premium pet foods comes an increase in demand for ingredients that are all-natural, deliver functionality and meet social and environmental responsibilities. Among these ingredients are those that provide the omega-3 fatty acids EPA and DHA, since they address many of the health needs of humans and pets. The primary source of these nutrients is fish oil. Industrial fishing pulls 16 million tons of fish from the oceans annually, which is leading to overfishing and a loss of biodiversity. Alix discusses the impact on sustainability of the primary alternatives to fish oil.


Alix’s career in the pet food industry spans more than 35 years. After receiving his degree in chemistry from California State University, Northridge, he has gained experience across a wide array of functional disciplines including ingredient and food science, flavor chemistry, sales and marketing. Alix was a research scientist at Nestle Petcare and technical support and product development manager at Bioproducts (acquired by AFB International). During the last 18 years, he has held positions in sales, business development and marketing for DSM Nutritional Products. He is currently responsible for growing DSM’s pet food business by managing business-to-business and business-to-consumer worldwide marketing activities related to the pet industry. For this presentation, Alix represents the DSM-Evonik joint venture business, Veramaris.