Francois Duquesne

Francois Duquesne

Francois Duquesne


General Director


La Normandise

Presentation description:

Using circular economy model for environmental improvement of a wet pet food plant — Francois Duquesne, general director at La Normandise, shares insight on how to use a circular economy model for the environmental improvement of a wet pet food plant. In 2012, Normandise started an energy audit with the ISO 50001 standards and identified significant energy uses in the plant. Sharing the success of this project will help other plants produce a more environmentally friendly wet pet food and improve the whole environmental impact of the pet food industry.


Duquesne graduated from ESIGELEC in France and Polytechnique Montréal in Canada. He completed internships in the pet food sector in Japan and Kansas, USA, and also completed an MBA from Rennes Business School. Currently, he is the general director of La Normandise.