Dieter Mößner

Dieter Mößner

Dieter Mößner


Global Key Account Manager


Gerhard Schubert GmbH

Presentation description:

How pet food mix packs and multi packs fit with sustainability — Dieter Mößner, global key account manager for Gerhard Schubert GmbH, outlines the challenges that the petfood industry has with evolving supply chains and changing end-customer behavior regarding product and package sustainability. The presentation illustrates practical examples and case studies offering solutions.


Mößner is a known expert in the field of pet food packaging and pet food packaging machinery. He has been working for 23 years as project engineer pharma and key account manager at a leading manufacturer of folding boxes and package leaflets for the pharmaceutical, cosmetic and petfood industries. Mößner has led projects in Braille application, serialization, tamper evidence and anti-counterfeiting of packaging and has consulted customers and agencies in artwork creation and typesetting workflows. Today he is working as a global key account manager at a leading manufacturer of packaging machines.