Diana C. Tebaldi


Quality and HSE project engineer


Mann um Hummel

Presentation description:

Waste production, and reduction, in pet food packaging – Flexible packaging options offer pet food manufacturers a more economic and sustainable system than any other, along with many additional benefits, but this packaging is often difficult to recycle. Tebaldi presents results of a project looking at waste in pet food packaging in Europe and specifically in Germany, suggesting alternatives for minimizing the production of this subdivision of waste through examples implemented in other types of packaging in Germany. She also discusses responsible sourcing, such as choosing suppliers with ISO 14001 certification, as another key to pet food manufacturers’ sustainability and environmental commitments.


Tebaldi is a master’s student in waste: air quality control, solid waste and wastewater process engineering at the University of Stuttgart. She also holds a graduate degree in environmental and safety engineering, with environmental emergencies. Currently, Tebaldi works at Mann and Hummel, a market and technology leader in filters; previously she worked in other industries such as shipyard and chemical, and served as a professor of environmental engineering at the University of Vale do Itajaí. She was invited as a special guest to the Msc. Waste International Symposium for an oral presentation of her student research project, “Small Incineration Plants for Health Care Waste.”