Cristina Murcia García, Ph.D.

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Cristina Murcia García, Ph.D.


Technical Service Manager


Kemin Nutrisurance Europe

Presentation description:

Novel ingredients in pet food: Challenges and opportunities — Cristina Murcia García, Ph.D., and Elena Fraccaroli, DVM, both technical service managers for Kemin Nutrisurance Europe, present their research analyzing different novel ingredients (insect proteins and oils, novel plant-based marine sources) and the potential to use these ingredients in dry pet food. Fatty acids profile, mineral content and other factors were considered to assess their suitability to be incorporated into pet food diets.


Murcia García gained her Ph.D. in chemistry with focus on red-ox reactions from the University of Bonn (Germany). Since then, she has specialized in managing oxidation in rendering and pet food products. She works as technical service manager for Kemin Nutrisurance Europe, where she provides solutions to improve raw materials and pet food safety and shelf-life. She also develops tailor-made trials and protocols for customers and holds customer specific trainings on topics like oxidation, freshness and food safety. In the last 10 years, she has lead over 20 lectures in different seminars, webinars and conferences all over Europe.