Alice Rime

Alice Rime

Alice Rime


Global Account Manager / Business Developer, Pet Food


Roquette Frères

Presentation description:

Potato fiber: Unique mix of soluble, insoluble fibers for improving pet intestinal health, addressing obesity — Alice Rime, global account manager and business developer of pet food for Roquette Frères, shares research on potato fiber, a unique mix of soluble and insoluble fibers that can replace beet pulp in pet food without affecting palatability and digestive tolerance and address obesity. Studies show that potato fiber is more palatable and shows better fecal consistency and weight than beet pulp.


Rime holds a master’s degree in animal nutrition and is as a formulator at a French premix company, accumulating technical knowledge in raw materials and nutritional needs. Working for Roquette Frères, she is the technical reference for pet food and is also in charge of the marketing, now focusing on global account management.