Petfood Forum Europe 2017 to highlight strength and leadership role of the European pet food industry

The pet food industry is continuously growing on a global scale, creating a need for constant innovations and the ability to stay ahead of consumer demands. Throughout all stages of industry growth, the European pet food industry has remained a consistent powerhouse, paving the way for the rest of the world. Considering the region generates approximately 30% of all pet food and pet care sales worldwide, Europe has earned the right to consider themselves a leader in the pet food industry. Insights into how this region came to be so strong and what the future holds for Europe’s role in the industry will be shared on 13 June in Cologne, Germany at Petfood Forum Europe 2017, as part of FVG Select 2017. To learn more about attending Petfood Forum Europe 2017, please click here.

In 2015, sales of all pet care products in Europe reached US$32.5 billion, representing 31% of the global total, according to Euromonitor International. Of this overall number, Western Europe was the primary contributor with US$27.9 billion in sales, and a 2.5% year over year growth. Another factor contributing to the Western European dominance in the industry, is due to the fact that it is home to four of the 10 largest pet care markets globally. These markets consist of the UK, France, Germany, and Italy. Despite only accounting for US$4.6 billion in pet care sales, Eastern Europe is not to be counted out entirely, as they are growing at a healthy 10% each year.

In regards to pet food sales in particular, Europe hit a total of US$20 billion in 2015, according to GfK, which equates to approximately 29% of the US$70 billion total worldwide. Data from the European Pet Food Industry Federation (FEDIAF) show that 650 pet food plants produced 9 million tons of pet food products in 2014 and employed 80,000 people directly (with an additional 700,000 in indirect employment), which is another clear indicator of Europe’s strong position in the industry.

Registration is now open for Petfood Forum Europe 2017, which will be the third edition of the event being hosted as a partner to Victam International. Topics and speakers for Petfood Forum Europe 2017 have been announced, and will feature leading pet food subject-matter experts presenting their latest research and information on companion animal nutrition, novel ingredients, pet food safety and processing, pet food trends and market predictions on both the European pet food industry as well as the rest of the world, and new product development. This one-day conference will also provide numerous networking opportunities with fellow pet food professionals from throughout Europe, as well as other well-known pet food industry suppliers. The networking possibilities found at Petfood Forum Europe provide a unique platform for forming new partnerships, sharing ideas and can also help facilitate business transactions.

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