Converting social media interactions into sales

Pet food brands are online and engaged on social media, but simply creating more content does not necessarily create more sales.

Only 2 percent of purchases are done via social ecommerce in the United States, explained Justin Emig, director of search marketing for digital marketing agency Web Talent Marketing during Petfood Forum 2017. In Asia, consumers are already adapted to making mobile payments and one-click purchases, so social ecommerce is much more successful. In 2015, Chinese consumers made $672 billion worth of social purchases.

While US consumers aren’t making many purchases through social media they are using social media to research products and services. Emig said 63 percent of social media users say they expect to discover products through social media. While 93 percent of Pinterest users actively plan purchases through the platform.

One way to increase sales is by utilizing social media advertising as part of your advertising strategy. One of the most successful ways to reach consumers is through Facebook, which offers advertisers access to data that can be used to hyper-target potential customers.

Social ecommerce was one topic presented at Petfood Forum Asia on March 28, 2018 in Bangkok, Thailand. Jin Huang, international business director for Navarch Petcare, described the strategy and tactics her company used to develop an ecommerce business. Navarch Petcare took their ecommerce business from nothing and turned it into 78 percent of the company’s sales in just six years.

Other topics presented at Petfood Forum Asia 2018 included process solutions for current pet food trends, creating value with alternative protein sourcing, health benefits of nutritional lipids, and more.

Petfood Forum Asia is a conference for the Southeast Asian pet food and pet treat industry. Attendees will have the opportunity to network with industry peers, meet prospects and learn the latest research and information on the Asian pet food market. The next edition of Petfood Forum Asia is scheduled for 2020.