2016 Pet Food Experience & Petfood Innovation Workshop spur high attendee engagement and productive networking interaction

On September 13-15, 2016 the second annual editions of the Fall Petfood Innovation Workshop and Kansas State Pet Food Experience took place in Manhattan, Kansas. Attendees joined together from a variety of locations ranging from New York, to Georgia, Ohio, Philadelphia, and even Thailand, for the exclusive networking and education offered at both events.

The K-State Pet Food Experience kicked off the action-packed joint-event with several members of their pet food program team presenting on their latest research and areas of expertise. Presentation topics consisted of insights on the nutritional quality, processing impact, and shelf-life associated with proteins intended for modern pet food and treats, how to apply human sensory technique to extruded pet food from rendered protein meals, and tips and techniques to take into consideration when creating a safe pet jerky treat, to name a few. The day concluded with an evening reception, followed by a dine-around event in which attendees selected a restaurant based on their desired pet food related discussion topic, which was moderated by a subject-matter expert. The dine-around event was a huge success, as many groups spent hours asking their designated expert their own questions, as well as networking with their fellow group members. Click here to see the complete lineup of K-State Pet Food Experience speakers.

Petfood Innovation Workshop built on the previous day’s education and excitement through six stations of hands-on activities and product demonstrations. For this event, attendees were divided into groups to rotate through the various stations with, and had a unique opportunity to network with their peers. By dividing into groups, it not only provided attendees with a chance to form partnerships and make new connections with fellow pet food professionals, but also provided a comfortable setting for asking the pet food ingredient and technology experts leading the activities, questions that related directly to their own company’s business model. Workshop stations ranged from close-up product demos to more hands-on activities such as making kangaroo jerky dog treats and working with duck liver and boar heart. For a complete list of the workshop stations and presenters, please click here.

Next up in the lineup of Petfood Forum workshop events is Petfood Technology Workshop Mexico, which will debut at the University of Baja California in Ensenada, Mexico on December 5-6, 2016. This event will focus on key technological components and advanced extrusion technologies involved with creating premium and super premium kibble diets. For more information on Petfood Technology Workshop Mexico, please click here.