The Petfood Forum group of conferences, exhibitions and workshops are unique and exclusive events serving the global pet food manufacturing industry. They deliver the opportunity to learn the most up-to-date pet food research and industry innovations on pet food nutrition, global pet food market growth, pet food safety, processing, packaging and much more—all from world class pet food industry experts.

Petfood Research and Development Showcase, along with other Petfood Forum events, provides the ideal environment for pet food professionals from around the world to network, exchange ideas and conduct business with one another, as well as with the pet food industry's top pet food manufacturers and suppliers. Each conference and interactive workshop offers pet food industry members a new agenda, workshop theme, speaker lineup and learning takeaways to help enhance your pet food business’s success.

Our current portfolio of conferences, workshops and exhibitions include Petfood Forum, Petfood Innovation Workshop, Petfood Forum Asia, Petfood Forum China, Petfood Forum Europe, and Petfood Technology Workshop Mexico. Petfood R&D Showcase is the newest addition to the Petfood Forum events family, and is brought to you by a joint academic-industry partnership between Petfood Forum and the Pet Food Program at Kansas State University. Please click on their tabs at the top for more information!

“It was an excellent value. Having access to the experts and utilizing the test kitchen resulted in a worthwhile event.”

“I got to know great people and the cooking was fun!”

“It was a fun environment to get to know your group and some of the companies. For that reason, I think the workshop was most valuable.”