Details on the 2017 interactive workshop stations

AFB International

The Palatability Mythbuster Challenge

Join AFB for a fun, engaging experience and take a deep dive into the world of palatability – what is true, and what is just a myth? Examine the data and uncover the truth behind some of the biggest myths regarding palatability. From raw ingredients to the feeding experience, we will uncover the truths regarding common misconceptions of palatability and insights from the palatability performance people.

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Diana Pet Food

New palatability measurement tools, pet enjoyment assessment and owner perception understanding

Diana Pet Food will demonstrate ways of supporting brands’ differentiation by satisfying animal and human populations. We will share how to secure palatability and enjoyment on specific diets. Also we will demonstrate canine behaviors identified by owners as negative or positive. And finally, reflecting together on segmentation opportunities by observing possible gaps between owners’ perception and animal preferences.

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Textures and Crunch

Extru-tech, the leading provider of extrusion equipment to the pet food manufacturing market, will examine texture and bite/crunch quality in kibble production.  Extru-tech will apply Kemin’s PALASURANCE®, to demonstrate the differences of mechanical and thermal energy on palatability products in pet foods to deliver consistent quality, enhanced stability and flavor-enhancing characteristics.

(PALASURANCE is a registered trademark of Kemin Industries, Inc.)

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Ingredion, with David Sprinkle (Research director for Packaged Facts) & Terry Schroff (CEO of Quiet Light Communications)

Pet Family Feud – There’s not much feud over pets as family:  nearly two-thirds of dog or cat owners “strongly agree” that they consider their pets to be part of the family, and another fourth at least “somewhat agree.”  What is critical is how the new pet parent mindset is playing out across the industry—recasting consumer needs and expectations, product purchasing rates, and purchase drivers.

Adapting the Family Feud game show “survey says …” format (complete with buzzers, scoreboards, group competition, and prizes), this workshop will solidify your understanding of how pet parenting is reshaping demand for pet nutrition products across various pet owner demographics, and especially the rising and trend-setting tide of Millennials.

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Kemin Industries (Nutrisurance)

Does the nose know?

Many factors, including preservatives, antioxidants and palatants can affect shelf-life, stability and flavor of pet food products. Kemin will put your nose to the test by allowing you to smell different samples of petfood ingredients to determine their flavor profiles, the impact of oxidation and the effects of microbial degradation. In this workshop, we will demonstrate the importance of raw material quality to finished products. Pets can smell the difference. Can you?

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Smoke and grill: next generation taste experience

Kerry brings a world of solutions to the pet food industry, innovating to deliver better taste, texture, functionality and nutrition in products that delight and nourish consumers around the world. As the market leader in Smoke and Grill flavours, we are developing the next generation of the Taste experience that pets will love and their owners can feel good about.

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Greg Aldrich, PhD – Petfood Innovation Workshop moderator and leader

Research associate professor at Kansas State University & President of Pet Food Ingredients & Technology

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